11 Arrested, Weapons Recovered As Mogadishu Police Uncover Gang Hideou

Eleven suspected armed gangsters were on Wednesday arrested in a swoop conducted in the Somali capital Mogadishu, Radio Dalsan reports. Police say they recovered weapons from a hideout in Karan district following a tip off by the public. “We recovered AK 47s. We had been told by residents suspecting they were behind several killings in Mogadishu”

Police Spokesman Qassim told Radio Dalsan in phone interview. “We are detaining eleven of them. Let me make it clear that these are not at all linked to any militant group. They are what we call ‘Bur’ad’or gangsters” he said. Qasim says they are investigating leads into possible involvement of the gang in fake currency making. Within a week Mogadishu police have made three major arrests on armed gangs who have been terrorizing residents with muggings, robberies and murder.