Alhu Sunna discloses list of 20 MPs for Galmudug parliament following deal

The moderate Islamist group Alhu Sunna Wal Jamaa has made public its choice of 20 MPs following an agreement early this month with the Federal Government.

The list which contains names of selected individuals from the 12 sub-clans in Galmudug state
was released by the group Sunday.

According to the deal reached between Alhu Sunna and the Federal Government December 12,
the group which had declined to be part of the Galmudug government would be allocated 20
seats in the new parliament.
The deal will however last for the period of the new parliament which lasts for four years.

According to the list released Sunday, the group will get most of its seats from Hayr sub-clan (5
seats), Marehan (4) and Dir (3).

The rest will be distributed among the other sub-clans which is between one and two seats.

The central Somalia state is complete the selection of new MPs December 30 and prepare for
presidential election January 9.