Hirshabelle plans to reopen main roads blocked by Alshabaab

Hirshabelle state has announced plans to re-open roads linking towns in the state that are currently blocked by Al-Shabaab.

Hirshabelle President, Mohamed Abdi Waare said Somali forces are conducting operations to re-open and secure roads in Hirshabelle regions.

Waare pointed out that the forces already dismantled roadblocks set up by the militants between Jowhar and Bal’ad towns.

He underscored that the plans to open and secure main supply routes will be augmented with operations to rid of the Al-Shabaab fighters from the state.

The group controls large swaths of land in the south and central Somalia. They erect checkpoints and use the roads connecting the towns to launch attacks against Somali security forces and her allies.

Al-Shabaab militants have cut off main roads leading to several towns in central Somalia and Southern which the group lost to the troops of Somali government backed by AU forces.