Human rights official wants KDF withdrawn from Somalia

Human rights organization in Mombasa has called for withdrawal of Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) from Somalia.

Haki Afrika’s Program officer Francis Auma said the continued stay of the KDF soldiers in the neighboring Somalia is hurting Kenyans.

Speaking on Thursday in Mombasa, Mr Auma said following the increased attacks in the Coast region, the troops should be withdrawn from the war torn country to protect Kenyans.

Mr Auma said the national government should enhance security in the country especially in areas prone to terror attacks and to guard the border.

He said the soldiers have failed to deal with Al-Shabaab militants who are now carrying attacks in the country, particularly in Lamu County.

The rights group wants the national parliament to pass a legislation that will allow the Kenya Defense Forces to withdraw troops from Somalia.

The group wants the troops to return back home so that they can guard their own porous border and prevent al-Shabab militants from attacking innocent Kenyans.

“While our troops are in Somalia fighting the terror group, the same militants have been crossing into the country and harming citizens especially in Lamu county which borders Somalia.”

“We want the government to withdraw its troops fighting al-Shabaab terrorist in Somalia so they can protect our borders,” said the officer.