Husband of fallen peace activist Almaas Elman pays tribute, mourns loss of wife and unborn baby

Zakaria Hersi the husband of Almaas Elman who was killed last week in a gruesome bullet shot has paid tribute to his departed wife and expressed his deep loss.

Hersi described his fallen wife as a woman with a big heart and with the ‘capacity to love so many so deeply.’

“Two years ago you held my face when we got married, today I held your face when I went down in the grave with you,” said Hersi.

He also revealed that the loss was not just of his wife but their unborn child.

“My heart is broken and I cry for the future we lost,” grieved Hersi. “But grateful for the past and the memories we had.”

“You completed me beyond words, I pray you get the highest place in jannah and that I will be reunited with you again. You had a life full of people who loved you but you had the biggest heart to have the capacity to love so many so deeply.”

“Your death is unfair and unjust, there will be consequences for it and your legacy will keep going. Your family is mine and your legacy will live through us. I love you Almas forever.”

According to a statement from AMISOM, preliminary investigations indicated Almaas was killed by a stray bullet.

“Pending a final report, preliminary investigations indicate Ms. Elman was hit by a stray bullet, especially as no firearm discharge was reported within the Base camp at the time of the incident. The Base camp in the past has recorded similar incidents of stray bullets,” the statement read in part.