Inmate suffocated in Mogadishu jail after allegedly locked in a shipping container

A suspected Al-Shabaab militant died of suffocation in Mogadishu central jail after he was allegedly put in a container, a relative confirmed Saturday.

Hassan Mohamed Hassan was locked in a container by the correctional staff of the jail following a fight between another inmate, according to Hassan’s brother who spoke to local media.

“We are informed that he fought with cellmate during a football match, then he was detained in a (shipping) container where he died,” he said.

The relative of Hassan has called on the Somali government to probe the incident.

The suspect was arrested in a security operation conducted by Somali forces in Mogadishu.

Hassan is not the first Al-Shabaab suspect died in Mogadishu detention.

Last year, Deqo Dir’a Gedi who was serving a 15 years jail term was killed in the same jail.

Gedi was arrested in 2014 for his role in the assassination of a nurse who was killed in Mogadishu.

The Somali government detained hundreds of Al-Shabaab militants in several jails across the country.