Jubbaland forces arrest MP a day after he lost immunity

Jubbaland Security forces arrested a Jubbaland regional MP barely a day after the parliament stripped his immunity.

Ahmed Abdi Hassan (Ahmed Tajir) was detained at Fiat prison in Kismayo. Ahmed had reportedly proposed an impeachment motion against state President Ahmed Mohamed Islam which was accepted by council leaders.

Reports indicate that some of his bodyguards may have also been placed behind bars after Jubbaland forces raided his house.

Subsequently, the forces were deployed in many parts of the town and operations aimed at preventing any protests against his detention were launched.

On Monday, Jubbaland Assembly approved a request to strip off the immunity from Hassan after he was accused stoking unrest and creating a political crisis within the state.

The differences between the legislator and Jubbaland administration spilled into public when Hassan posted the names of lawmakers on his Facebook account whom he claimed to have signed the motion against Jubbaland cabinet.

Despite stripping the immunity, it yet unclear who ordered the arrest of Hassan.

The administration led by President Ahmed Mohamed Islam had previously conducted a crackdown on oppositions.

Mohamud Siyad Adan, who is the current deputy President of Jubbaland and several other politicians were forcefully deported from Kismayo in 2015 after they opposed Jubbaland administration.