Mogadishu locked down ahead of events to mark president Farmajo’s first year in office

Somalia’s capital Mogadishu is under security lockdown on Tuesday with roads closed ahead of the celebrations to mark President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo’s one year in office.

Hundreds of security forces have been deployed all the main roads in the capital.

Among the blocked roads are Maka Almukaram, KM4 junction and Wadnaha street.

The closure of these roads has had an effect on students and business people who live away from their workplaces.

President Farmaajo who was elected 8th February last year has achieved several positive goals since he assumed the office. His election was celebrated by thousands of Somali’s who poured into the streets and soldiers expressing their jubilation by volleying rounds of celebratory gunfire into the air.

Among the goals President Farmajo achieved in his first year is breaking Galmudug-Ahlusunna deadlock, reaching a security pact with international partners and federal member states, and successfully overseeing the repatriation of Somalia’s airspace.

He has run also into a few roadblocks during his first year in office.

The extraordinary rendition of former ONLF commander Abdikarim Sheikh Muse, known as Qalbi-dhagax angered Somali’s around the world and many feel that an explanation is owed to them.

There has also been the arrest and harassment of prominent opposition figures. The tactics used by the government to arrest, apprehend and question certain individuals has led to strong criticism from both allies and opponent.s