Noor Idow elected as new MP in today’s election in Jowhar

Noor Idow Beyle has been elected as new lawmaker for Somalia’s Lower House in a hotly contested poll in Jowhar. Beyle emerged victorious in the second round of voting after garnering 27 votes out of the possible 51.

Beyle outpaced his opponent Abdulle Mohamed Sanbololshe,former chief spy who got 24 votes.

In first round, six individuals contested for the seat but Sanbololshe and Beyle who garnered 24 and 23 respectively moved to the next round.

After the conclusion of second round voting, Halima Ismail, the chairman of National Electoral Commission announced the final result of election.

After the announcement, the defeated contenders congratulated the new MP and pledged to work with him.