President Farmaajo To Appoint Supervisory Committee On Projects In Puntland And Galmudug State

Somali President, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo is planning to appoint a supervisory committee to keep abreast on the developments he initiated in Galmudug and Puntland States during his visit this month. Speaking to the media in his presidential office, he expressed his intention of setting up a committee to keep an eye on the progress of the projects he laid their foundations during his official tour of Puntland and Galmudug States. “For the services of the government to reach every corner of the country, we shall appoint in the coming days a monitoring committee for the projects that we pledged to implement in order to be informed of achievements or not” said President Farmaajo.

He also expressed his government willingness to carry out as much as it can and uttered his readiness to accept foreign assistance on implementing the numerous projects to make Somalia to stand on its two feet. “We laid the foundation stone on many crucial roads in the two areas hoping to complete with our own efforts. If an entity offers us help, we are ready to receive them to revive the infrastructure of the country for free flow of people and goods” he said. The president was elated to be part of developmental infrastructures erected in central Somalia especially in Puntland State. “We were delighted to be part of Puntland State developments where we had the opportunity to lay the foundation stone on many projects in the area which the federal government pledged to play a role in the local economy.”

He was optimistic of the local people to support the government, which according to the president was reflected how they welcomed him during his visit. “We completed a long tour which took 17 days where we toured Puntland and Galmudug States and we were warmly received by the people. We believe they are ready to support the government especially on security matters.” On the reconciliation side, president Farmaajo termed his official tour as ‘Peace Trip’ whenever he met with local people in the different locations he visited, and underscored the success of his trip. ‘‘We initiated our reconciliation goal in Galkayo town which is jointly administered by the two neighbouring states and, we really succeed. We also initiated reconciliation process in Adado, Abduwak and Heraale towns, which the process is still ongoing up to now.”

The president appealed to the business people and the Diaspora Somali community, to donate resources on these projects to be implemented citing his government is a young one, with no sufficient funds at this moment of time. “I want to appeal to the local business community and the Somali Diaspora to take part in these projects, since the government is a nascent one. The government will play its role. Lastly, I laid the foundation stone on Hobyo port. We need to strengthen economic growth sectors since our country is located in strategic position with long coastal line reaching 3,300 km, can support several ports with the help of foreign investments.”

Separately, the local commissioner of Hobyo noted his optimism about the implementation of the port facility which president Farmaajo laid its foundation stone 3 days ago. Commissioner Mr. Abdullahi Ahmed Faat in the historic coastal town in central Somalia said the government will act on its word to erect port infrastructure in his town. “I am optimistic that it will be implemented soon. Though we are now experiencing cold season, after some time, the port can be operational at full capacity in the near future. Port facility is economically beneficial for the local people and the entire country” said Commissioner Faat. President Farmaajo travelled back to Mogadishu after visiting Puntland and Galmudug States since 8th January, a historic trip following the collapse of the Somali central government since early 1990s.