Puntland State Assembly Holds An Emergency Session Over Tukaraq Location

An emergency meeting of lawmakers from Puntland regional assembly today took place on the military tension in Tukaraq location, Sool region. A press statement released from the session and signed by the state assembly speaker Ahmed Ali Hashi depicted their unanimous support of the state administration plans among them defending and maintaining security of Puntland.
A committee made up of state MPs was also formed in the process that will be tasked to monitor closely the defense of Puntland. The declaration also called upon the state residents to defend the region. Almost 10 days ago Somaliland forces attacked Tukaraq location overrunning Puntland forces which compelled the latter to retreat entirely from the area leading to heated exchange of words in the local media between the top leaders from the two regions. Somaliland military incursion coincided with the first day of the official visit of Somali federal president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo in Puntland State on 8th January and still occupies the location