Puntland state president appoints state police commander and his deputies

Puntland state president Dr. Abdiweli Ali Gaas today appointed the state police boss and his two deputies through a decree from his office.

Brigadier General Abdullahi Shire Dool was appointed State Police Commissioner.

Two other police officers were also appointed as his first and second police commanders.

Colonel Bile Farah Ali was appointed as his first deputy commander while Colonel Osman Hassan was appointed as the second deputy commander.

Late October 2017 the then state police commissioner Abdikadir Shire Farah was sacked through a decree from president Gaas’s office and placed under house arrest following an accusation of drawing a pistol during a fist fight with Nugal province Comissioner Omar Abdullahi Faraeyne which resulted an injury upon his deputy Guled Farah Bile in a hotel located in Garowe town, the state capital during a meeting on security matters