SNA to commence recruitment in Gedo region

The Somali National Army will soon launch a recruitment drive in Somalia’s Southern region, Gedo, SNA commander said Thursday.

Gen Ismail Sahardiid, the commander of the 43rd Battalion toured the garrison on the outskirts of Garbaharay and announced that the Somali military will recruit new military officers.

SNA is in preparation to launch advanced operations on Al-Shabaab bases in Gedo and Middle and Lower Jubba regions.

“We are allowed to have another battalion whose foodstuff is offloaded in Elwak town. We want to camp them and start training them,” said Sahardiid addressing SNA soldiers.

Sahardiid did not mention the numbers of the new recruits.

The commander pointed out that plans are also in the works to help the orphans of the soldiers who fell in the line of the duty.

Under Siad Barre’s military dictatorship, Somalia once possessed a formidable military in the continent.

The SNA has been battling Al-Shabaab for a decade.

The Somali forces and their counterpart AMISOM troops have recently stepped up operations to flush the militants from the regions in South of the country.