The President of Somali appointed New Prime Minister

Mogadishu, 17 December 2014- The President, HE Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, today appoints Mr. Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke, as Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia.

“I am very pleased today to appoint Ambassador Sharmarke as Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia. Ambassador Sharmarke is well known and revered across Somalia. He brings much knowledge and many years of relevant experience to this position, including having previously served as Prime Minister.

“While the constitution gives me the sole right to appoint my Prime Minister, this was a decision in which I valued the input of different Somalis, representing different sections of the Somali community as well as the international community. This is my decision and not anyone else’s”

Most recently, Mr. Sharmarke was appointed as Somalia’s first ambassador to the United States of America, the first such ambassador since 1991.

The President remarked, “The Prime Minister’s role is of great significance to Somalia. Under my leadership as Head of State, the Prime Minister heads the Federal Government and is responsible for ensuring that the Government, including all the Ministers and Ministries carry out their tasks on time, transparently, and accountable to the best interest of the Somali people.

“Somalia must act swiftly to resolve several outstanding tasks linked to security, political and development progress. There is much to do, and little time. The important process of nation-building as per Vision 2016, and ensuring the security and development initiatives of the New Deal Somali Compact are quickly implemented are crucial.”

”Ambassador Sharmarke has my full trust. He also carries the heavy weight and burden of responsibility on behalf of all Somalis. Together, and with the Council of Ministers, we will ensure that the progress made over the past two years is solidified. Every Somali should know that peace and prosperity are not the products of wishful thinking, but of hard work, commitment and dedication. I am confident that Ambassador Sharmarke will not rest in his role until security, stability and development are recognised across Somalia,” concluded the President.