ubbaland Assembly strips immunity from MP after lobbying motion against Jubbaland cabinet

Jubbaland Assembly on Monday stripped the immunity from a lawmaker accused of political unrest in the southern regional state of Somalia.

The Ethics, Discipline and Immunity Committee has tabled a report accusing Ahmed Abdi Hassan of enticing unrest and creating a political crisis within the state.

In a session which chaired by the House Speaker, Abdi Mohamed Abdirahman, the MPs approved the committee’s request to lift the immunity from Hassan.

Although the MP was stripped off his immunity, it is yet unknown if he will remain to serve as a lawmaker in parliament until a court proves him guilty.

In recent days, Hassan has been lobbying motion against Jubbaland cabinet.

In a post on his Facebook account, the MP published names of 31 lawmakers whom he claimed to have signed the motion against Jubbaland cabinet.

Mohamud Mohamed Abdulle who spoke to Hiiraan Online on Saturday confirmed the motion against the cabinet saying over 40 lawmakers submitted the document to the parliament leadership.

According to Abdulle, MPs accused the ministers of incompetence.

Jubbaland President, Ahmed Mohamed Madobe subsequently called the legislators for a meeting to iron out the rift between the executive and legislative.

Despite the move to strip off the immunity from Hassan, it is yet unclear the fate of the motion against the cabinet.

According to Jubbaland Interim charter, twenty and more can table the motion while fifty members are capable of ousting the cabinet.

The current cabinet was formed in 2016 by President Madobe.

Jubbaland state which shares a border with Ethiopia and Kenya was established in 2013.